Use relational "vote tripling" to get out the vote in Georgia

One of the simplest yet most effective ways you can make a difference in this election is to reach out to people you know in Georgia and ask them not just to vote themselves, but to remind three friends to vote. A suggested message would be something along the lines of, “Hey, can you think of three people you know in [state] who might need a reminder to vote?” Research shows this is most impactful when you make the ask individually, so don't just blast a huge email list or put up a post on Facebook. Instead, think about the friends and family who you can most easily recruit to this effort and whose efforts will have the most impact. Note: if your network is already highly politically engaged, you could follow the steps above but instead of asking your contacts to remind three friends to vote, you could ask them to recruit three volunteers!

Ask your Georgia-based friends and family to do polling place vote tripling

Polling place vote tripling is when volunteers hang out outside polling places in heavily Democratic districts, catching people exiting after they're done voting (and in a good mood) and asking them to text three friends about voting right then and there. PPVT has strong evidence behind it and the value of an hour-long shift is comparable to the best volunteering opportunities out there (and far more valuable than an hour spent phonebanking). Signing up to do PPVT is easy: pick your favorite county from the links below and follow the instructions, then show up at the appointed time! If you're not in Georgia, make sure your GA-based contacts know about this opportunity, and ask them to tell their in-state friends about it!

Fill critical remote and on-the-ground volunteer gaps with Focus 2020

Focus 2020 is a pop-up group of highly-engaged volunteers that operates as a clearinghouse and coordinating body for high-impact volunteering efforts, working in close partnership with local and state-based organizations. The group has now pivoted to the Georgia runoffs and we are pleased to recommend them as our primary partners for Georgia volunteering. In addition to maintaining a curated list of third-party Georgia volunteering opportunities (which Landslide Coalition is helping to coordinate), Focus 2020 accepts direct volunteers with no minimum time commitment, which is the best way to stay in the loop on an ongoing basis. One of the most critical lessons we learned over the past month is that the landscape of political volunteering needs is constantly shifting, and your efforts are only as impactful as the importance of the gap you're filling. We're recommending Focus 2020 because you're going to get much better information on that front from partnering with them than by working with a single organization or running down a list of random events on Mobilize.


Deep canvassing with People’s Action

People’s Action has pioneered a “deep canvassing” persuasion technique that has impressive documented impacts on voter attitudes and preferences. The program targets mostly white, rural voters in competitive states who are disenchanted with Trump but not sold on Biden or the Democrats, and invites them into a space of vulnerability and honest exchange about topics of immigration and race. Originally a door-to-door activity, People’s Action has refashioned it into a phonebanking campaign in recognition of COVID, which makes it more accessible for scaling. This is a remarkable program that has the potential for far-reaching beneficial effects on American public life beyond the immediate practical impact of converting voters to Democrats. Volunteers are trained and given scripts, although it definitely helps if you like talking to strangers!

To sign up for a 3-hour phonebanking session with People's Action, use this link.

Be a social media monitor with Common Cause

In collaboration with the Election Protection coalition, Common Cause is recruiting volunteers to monitor public and private social media channels for election-related misinformation and help get false and malicious content taken down.

Sign up to be a social media monitor here.