(simple, effective things that almost anyone can do)

Use relational "vote tripling" to get out the vote in swing states

One of the simplest yet most effective ways you can make a difference in this election is to reach out to people you know in states with competitive races (not just the Presidential, but many Senate campaigns and downballot races) and ask them not just to vote themselves, but to remind three friends to vote. A suggested message would be something along the lines of, “Hey, can you think of three people you know in [state] who might need a reminder to vote?” Research shows this is most impactful when you make the ask individually, so don't just blast a huge email list or put up a post on Facebook. Instead, think about the friends and family who you can most easily recruit to this effort and whose efforts will have the most impact. On the latter point, we estimate that this tactic will be most meaningful in small states with tight Senate races that are likely to be decided by fewer than 50,000 votes. Currently, these include Alaska, Montana, Iowa, Maine, and Kansas; if you have any contacts there who are firmly on Team Blue, prioritize them first.

Textbank with the Vote Tripling method

If you only have a few hours to spare, our modeling indicates that textbanking to a well-targeted list with scripts that include vote tripling is likely to be by far the most efficient use of your time. Contemporary textbanking operations make it possible for a single volunteer to contact thousands of voters at a time and maintain actual conversations with dozens of respondents simultaneously. Even though the quality of most of these interactions is low, the scale involved greatly increases the chances that you'll find the one voter (or two, or three, or four) who needed to hear the right message at the right time from exactly the right person: you!


To get started, check out our curated list of recommended textbanking opportunities and follow the sign-up instructions.


(specialized expertise a plus)

Deep canvassing with Working America or People’s Action

People’s Action has pioneered a “deep canvassing” persuasion technique that has the biggest evidence-based effect size of any volunteer action we’ve encountered. The program targets mostly white, rural voters in competitive states who are disenchanted with Trump but not sold on Biden or the Democrats, and invites them into a space of vulnerability and honest exchange about topics of immigration and race. Originally a door-to-door activity, People’s Action has refashioned it into a phonebanking campaign in recognition of COVID, which makes it more accessible for scaling. This is a remarkable program that has the potential for far-reaching beneficial effects on American public life beyond the immediate practical impact of converting voters to Biden. Volunteers are trained and given scripts, although it definitely helps if you like talking to strangers!


In addition to the People's Action program, Working America, an organization we've listed as a top donation recommendation, is running a similar deep canvassing program with its members. This program has a very strong evidence base behind it and we expect that it is likely to be even more impactful than People's Action because it involves contacts with voters who already have a relationship with the organization.


To sign up for a 3-hour phonebanking session with People's Action, use this link. Landslide Coalition recommends the following states for this program: Arizona, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin.

To phonebank with Working America, sign up here.


(deeply impactful work requiring a significant time commitment)


Help recruit poll workers, educate voters, and get out the vote in Pennsylvania

Focus 2020 is an extraordinarily strategic pop-up group of organizers that is conducting an intensive campaign to educate voters and offer election protection in Philadelphia and several other locations in Pennsylvania and the Upper Midwest. PA has about a 1 in 4 chance of being the tipping-point state in the Presidential election, more than any other state, and is critical to both candidates’ path to victory. Focus 2020 already has 200 members and recruited 1,100 poll workers in its first two weeks of operation. The group has moved on to other valuable efforts such as voter education and poll monitoring in collaboration with state and local organizations now that poll worker recruitment is nearly complete. All work is conducted remotely but is oriented toward supporting, connecting, and magnifying the impact of on-the-ground efforts.


To sign up, visit the Focus2020 website. They are looking for volunteers who can commit at least 10 hours/week through Election Day.

Support vote tripling programs in person at polling places

Did you think we were done talking about vote tripling? It turns out that there is yet another means of implementing this program that projects to be almost as impactful per hour as textbanking, and much less likely to be covered by other volunteers if you don't step up. Vote tripling at polling places involves flagging down voters in densely Democratic districts after they've cast their ballots, and asking them to remind three friends to vote (usually by text) right then and there. The technique has yet to be implemented at scale during a presidential election, but has been validated in two trials so far with very impressive results.


Vote Tripling and When We All Vote are partnering to run nonpartisan polling place vote tripling programs nationwide, while the Biden campaign is starting to roll out PPVT programs such as this one in Florida.

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