In our pre-election research, we learned a lot about the power of vote tripling, or getting potential or recent voters to remind three friends to vote. BlockPower takes that idea several steps further by combining vote tripling with relational organizing in a paid organizing model with a special focus on Georgia's Black communities. The approach is like a greatest-hits album of evidence-based GOTV techniques, has significant potential to scale productively, and is currently flying well under the radar of fundraisers for the Georgia runoffs. Donate to BlockPower here (501(c)3 and 501(c)4).

Vote Tripling is the voter turnout research and training organization that pioneered the "vote tripling" relational organizing get-out-the-vote technique. In the Georgia runoffs, Vote Tripling will lead several research-based, cost-efficient programs that deploy vote tripling in person at polling places as well as via traditional GOTV channels. Vote Tripling has already secured partnerships with top GOTV groups and on-the-ground organizations, and will train additional partners to run SMS vote tripling and canvass vote tripling programs. The funding deadline for this opportunity is December 3. Donate to here (PAC).

Anti-disinformation/polarization programs (in development)

We are very concerned about election-related disinformation circulating in the right-wing information ecosystem and its potential to further radicalize the conservative base. We are currently researching donation opportunities related to this problem and will post recommendations here when available. If you would like to learn more in the meantime, feel free to write us at for details or join our group.


For questions and more information about these opportunities, please contact Not all options are tax-deductible.

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